Gregory Dell’Omo, President, Robert Morris University

“The conversion of the Holiday Inn property to a full-time residence hall is a boon for both Robert Morris University and the Moon Township community. The number of students living on campus, which will top 2,000 this fall (2013) with the addition of Yorktown Hall, has doubled over the past 10 years. These students and their families patronize Moon businesses and many of our students perform community service projects throughout the Moon community including with schools and youth organizations. The university also is committed to helping to revitalize the University Boulevard business district and ensuring the safety of drivers and pedestrians along the boulevard. RMU’s continued growth and success will bring positive attention and many new visitors to Moon, and we are proud to call the township our home.”

David Higie, Vice President, Corporate Communications, Michael Baker Corporation

“Michael Baker Corporation is proud to call Moon Township home for the past twenty years. We chose to move our headquarters here for several reasons, but mostly because of its close proximity to Pittsburgh International Airport, and because we're about halfway between our offices in Beaver County and downtown Pittsburgh. Moon Township also provides an excellent location for our employees to live and work, and is a great place for us to reach our clients locally and worldwide.”

Mark Sherwin, President, Centria

“We have made Moon Township our home for almost 15 years for several reasons, including an accessible location to our customers via good access to the Pittsburgh International Airport, a good centralized location for our employees, and the willingness of Moon Township to let us use our materials to re-clad our building making it one of the more aesthetically pleasing buildings in the area.”

Jeff Lipton - President and CEO of NOVA Chemicals

"Establishing NOVA Chemicals' U.S. Operating Center in Moon Township was a deliberate decision to increase growth and shareholder value by moving closer to business and financial markets. From this location, a one-hour flight in any direction allows us to reach 95 percent of our investors and two-thirds of our customers. With a world-class airport, a supportive business environment, and a superb quality of life, this region provides many attributes for NOVA Chemicals to thrive and succeed."

Gary T. Sheets, Jr., Vice President,PBS&J

"PBS&J is proud to call Moon Township home to our Pittsburgh presence. When we established operations in the Pittsburgh area, we spent a considerable amount of time looking at potential office sites throughout Western Pennsylvania. Moon Township emerged as the ideal location. Not only is it easily accessible for our staff, it also provides ready access to downtown Pittsburgh and the Airport Corridor, which is the fastest-growing segment of the region. In addition to the close proximity to the Pittsburgh International Airport, our office is only minutes away from several hotels, restaurants, and meeting facilities. This convenient location has played a tremendous role in establishing our office in Moon Township as PBS&J’s gateway to the Northeast."